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                                          the BIG kid

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A free-range child? At the table -YES!

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Yes, we believe in independence, especially when it comes to the "I can do it myself" child!  When your little one is ready to "graduate" from the baby highchair, they are ready for a "big-kid" booster....BabySmart's original Booster our Cooshee®Classic gives your child the freedom to learn on their own  -how to behave like a big kid!  For ages 5+ without straps.

BabySmart's Cooshee Classic a bit wider in seat (1/2") and lower back and gives that boost that even 5 year olds and up need...back in stock late 2021!!!

  Stubbornly tough 

       BabySmart's Cooshee® Construction

BabySmart's original Cooshee® Foam is made up of billions of microscopic air bubbles that expand to form a dense, sponge-like cell with a tough outer integral skin and a rubbery, yet cooshee-soft innter feel.  BabySmart's Cooshee® Hybak will tame our most stubborn little one....coming pre-summer with safety straps as required by ASTM/CPSC for 2021.

BabySmart's Cooshee® comfort

   oh so flexible

Babysmart's Cooshee® Foam is

squishy, yet stable, a

kind of a rubbery feel and with the simple weight of a child stays-put. It becomes an extension of your child's body and of the chair it is placed on -in contrast to

hard plastic boosters or boosters 

that don't have the give

that BabySmart's COOSHEE® has!  

Every child deserves a 
BabySmart Cooshee®

                    choose from                5 timeless colors


BABYSMART Cooshee Boosters
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