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our kidSmartTM toddler-to-big-kid BOOSTER
The active child - 2.5 yrs & up   

Staying seated anywhere at this age is a task!!!!  At just about this age is when a toddler wants OUT of their high chair. This is the perfect age for a toddler who is able to get in and out of a booster seat without help to sit on a chair with a "STRAPFreeTM" booster seat.  (about 2-1/2 yrs of age). 


       The "I can do it" big kid - Never leave your active child unattended. 


                        According to researched safety data; most injuries due to falls occur during these                                   early and active years due to children leaning over in their "strapped-in" high chairs                               and booster seats and being entrapped.  In addition many injuries were due to                                         disengaged safety straps; either on their own due to weight of child leaning                                               forward or by child having the know how to disengage the safety lock themselves.                                   Cooshee's are strap-free so we will not have those issues with Safety straps,                                           however we cannot anticipate what a "smart" littl one will want to do.  So                                                   Remember - Never leave your child unattended.  Refer to our safety instructions.

BABYSMART Cooshee Boosters
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