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From a safety standpoint, please follow the following directions when using your Cooshee® feeding booster seat.  Never Leave Your Child Unattended even for a moment while dining.  We never can tell what

our little ones are up to. Do they want to stand up in their booster seat, do they want to get down from the table, are they reaching for something across the table.  Feeding booster seats are intended to assist your child in their ability to reach the table properly, and to be comfortable in their booster so they remain seated longer and stay on task. Follow our BabySmart® WARNING!


BabySmart® WARNING!: (ASTM Safety Standard)

Children have suffered head injuries, including skull fractures, after falling with or from booster seats.  Beginning January 2020 all COOSHEE's will have a means to secure the Booster to a Seat.  Until then Stay near and watch your child during use.  Never lift and carry a child in booster seat.  Never allow your child to push away from table.  Also, WARNING!  Never use the feeding booster seat in an automobile. 


                                             Proper Parenting Use:  Place Cooshee on a stable chair with the                                                                     dimensions larger than the width of a COOSHEE.  Minimum 17" x 17", with a                                                                   back, similar to a dining chair with four legs.  Arrange Cooshee so

                                                  that it is centered on the seat.  Do not use on a stool or chair where it's surface                                                       is smaller than Cooshee.  Place Cooshee on a surface that is larger than                                                                   the Cooshee Booster.  Not to be used on counters or elevated surfaces.                                                                    


                                                  This is a foam molded feeding booster seat; Do not allow children to bite, rip or                                                       tear. Do not puncture with sharp objects.  Discontinue use if damaged and                                                               contact us here at BabySmart®USA.   xxx-xxx-xxxx


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