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So, what is a                              


Cooshee with Tip.PreventTM​​
a booster seat, a buddy, a helper, a hassle-free behavioral aid, 

Superior to all others; Cooshee is truly soft.  Why sit your child on a hard plastic booster seat?  We will answer that question. Do not! Children want to be comfortable, they

want to behave like a big kid. They want to be independent.

But most important, a soft foam booster moves with your child, not against them.  A hard shell, or structure is much

easier to tip, a rounded base is unsafe and a small booster

in size can be unstable.  Cooshee's are the largest

booster on the market, yet when a child is seated, perfect in size.  It's not a baby seat!  It's a big-kid seat for little kids! 

Why do we always hear from our little ones; "I can do it"?Well we agree...they can!  Easy to climb in and out of and gentle on little ones knees; a Cooshee is COOL to sit on.  It's so comfortably, soft & squishy, your little one will stay seated longer & on task, behaving like a big kid.


​We believe every child deserves a Cooshee.

Our KidSmart Cooshee Hybak is designed with our exclusive flared angle Tip.PreventTM​​ base that stays put with the weight of a child.  Cooshee was independently tested in accordance with the ASTM standard F963, Sec. & 8.15 for sideways stability and stabilization.  Cooshee Passed 100% to remain stable in all orientations when in use. For additional assurance, the test was conducted at a 10 degree incline while loaded with 50 lbs to the center of the seating surface for informational purposes only.  Again, the Cooshee Booster Hybak remained stable in all orientations.  Cooshee with Tip.Prevent!  Late 2021 Cooshee Hybak will have the added additoin of a safety strap to attach to a chair.

​FREE:  A Cooshee® has NO PVC, Phalates, latex or BPA's.

​All Cooshee's are  made in the USA from healthy, seamless foam with No holes, nooks or crannies -keeping Cooshee sanitary and preventing bacteria buildup.

supportive-flared base design
made of proprietary soft-foam like no other


Cooshee Classic is strap-free for 5+ year and up only. 

A COOSHEE is a kidSMART​TM toddler-to-big kid booster.  Kids are not babies, Kids are not Toddlers,

Kids according to Webster Dictionary are between the ages of 2 yrs and 5 yrs old. They are very capable of doing many things on their own

and it's our job as parents to promote independence.  "We spend 24 months of their lives teaching them to walk and talk, then the next 24

months of their lives telling them "to sit down and shut up", a quote from comedian and mom, Phyllis Diller.

Announcement:  Beginning in January of 2020 it will be mandatory for all Booster Seats to have a

way of attaching it to a chair for all children 5 years ang younger.  If your child still requires a boost, the Classic for ages 5" will help your little big one.   Late 2021, our Cooshee Hybak will have a safety strap to attach booster to a chair.


BABYSMART Cooshee Boosters
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