It simply feels good! It's big, soft and comfy!



​   Discover big-kid behavior


 imagine peaceful, calm, enjoyable mealtimes...ahhh!  

Bigkid. Crave

"I can do it myself" we often hear.

And we believe, Yes they can.


 Kids will stay in their seat, engaged​

and on task -but this big-kid

wannabe needs the help

of a big-kid booster.

But before you invest, do a booster

seat comparison to our 


Is it high enough? Is it large enough.

 Is it comfortable?

Does it "feel" safe and secure?

Will it tip when leaning over?

Does it have side-arm support?

Does it have back support?

Will your child remain seated? 


Our kidSmart Cooshee® Hybak 

Booster was anatomically

designed to provide the calming, comfort and convenience

the "toddler-to-big-kid"



Discover why we all Love Cooshee®

Kid-friendly Supportive Sides 

Are what makes child feel safe secure at 6"high 

from chair and over 1.5" wide, the arm-rests are easy for kid-size hands to grip on while getting situated and

little elbows to rest on while waiting for their meal.


Original Classic design

At 6.0" high Cooshee Classic model offers a 1/2" wider interior with Cooshee comfor & support.

Perfect for children demanding the

look and feel of a BIG-kid booster.


BabySmart's Cooshee®

Booster Classic and Hybak

carry our Five Year Warranty.

Tip.Resist Technology ​

Independently-tested not to tip in any direction -Cooshee Hybak® and Classic have a wide angle base that stays put with the weight of a child.  Hybak is 15" x 15" wide, while Classic is 14.75" x 14.75" wide.  Our Cooshee foam conforms to all chair shapes.  Both models boost a child up a good 3", while the arms are low enought to bring chair safely close to the table.


SMART Hybak® design

At 8.25" overal height of

back, Cooshee Hybak® 

props-a-tot up & forward for more focus & concentration.

 A 1/2" narrower front

width keeps an active 

child a little more

snug in comparison

to the classic. 

Leg Positioner

Provide proper

posture by keeping 

legs a fist width apart, the dimension recommended by pediatricians. 

Dot.Pod Quilting

Our trademark fun &

functional Dot.Pod pattern provides a quilted seat 

3"high that's both inviting 

and functional preventing 

sliding out of their 

Cooshee feeding seat. 

"every child deserves a Cooshee"

                CEO, Founder

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