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Discover why we all Love 

BabySmart's Cooshee®

Babysmart usa cooshee hybak soft foam booster seat feeding best

It simply feels good! It's big, soft and comfy!



Kid-friendly Supportive Sides 

Are what makes child feel safe secure at 6"high 

from chair and over 1.5" wide, the arm-rests are easy for kid-size hands to grip on while getting situated and

little elbows to rest on while waiting for their meal.


Original Classic design

At 6.0" high Cooshee Classic model offers a 1/2" wider interior with Cooshee comfor & support.

Perfect for children demanding the

look and feel of a BIG-kid booster.


BabySmart's Cooshee®

Booster Classic and Hybak

carry our Five Year Warranty.

Tip.Resist Technology ​

Independently-tested not to tip in any direction -Cooshee Hybak® and Classic have a wide angle base that stays put with the weight of a child.  Hybak is 15" x 15" wide, while Classic is 14.75" x 14.75" wide.  Our Cooshee foam conforms to all chair shapes.  Both models boost a child up a good 3", while the arms are low enought to bring chair safely close to the table.


SMART Hybak® design

At 8.25" overal height of

back, Cooshee Hybak® 

props-a-tot up & forward for more focus & concentration.

 A 1/2" narrower front

width keeps an active 

child a little more

snug in comparison

to the classic. 

Leg Positioner

Provide proper

posture by keeping 

legs a fist width apart, the dimension recommended by pediatricians. 

Dot.Pod Quilting

Our trademark fun &

functional Dot.Pod pattern provides a quilted seat 

3"high that's both inviting 

and functional preventing 

sliding out of their 

Cooshee feeding seat. 

​   Discover big-kid behavior


 imagine peaceful, calm, enjoyable mealtimes...ahhh!  

Bigkid. Crave

"I can do it myself" we often hear.

And we believe, Yes they can.


 Kids will stay in their seat, engaged​

and on task -but this big-kid

wannabe needs the help

of a big-kid booster.

But before you invest,

do a booster

seat comparison to BabySmart's Cooshee®.


Is it high enough? Is it large enough.

 Is it comfortable?

Does it "feel" safe and secure?

Will it tip when leaning over?

Does it have side-arm support?

Does it have back support?

Will your child remain seated? 


BabySmart's Cooshee® Hybak 

Booster was anatomically

designed to provide the calming, comfort and convenience

the "toddler-to-big-kid"


As per ASTM & CPSC as of January 2020 

Booster seats for children 5 and under will require Safety Straps.  Sign up to be notified when our BabySmart COOSHEE Hybak is ready to ship.  EXPECTED:  late 2021


Babysmart usa cooshee hybak soft foam booster seat feeding best
Babysmart usa cooshee hybak soft foam booster seat feeding best

     ..."every child deserves a

       BabySmart COOSHEE"

       CEO, Founder - Diane Zissu

BABYSMART Cooshee Boosters
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