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the kidSMARTTM toddler-to-big-kid POTTY

     periwinkle blue 

feeding toddler booster seat, soft foam booster seat feeding best periwinkle blue

An exciting new addition to the BabySmart Cooshee line - 

Cooshee Hybak POTTY  with it's 2 stage ability - will entice your little one to 'do it alone' - It is the perfect size and shape for little ones just learning to sit on a potty. Not too low where squatting is required - Cooshee Hybak Potty is elevated to a perfect 13" high perfect for easy sitting for as young 1 year old on up. When ready to hit the big potty like a big-kid - Cooshee PottyTop fits perfectly on a grown-up toilet of all sizes. Tip Resistant too!

smart thinking - "every child deserves a cooshee"​ 





model #9252 periwinkle blue


Dimensioins:  15"w x 15"d x 8" h


Order by 12:00 EST and your order will ship same day.

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