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Where does BabySmart USA manufacturer Cooshee products?

Right here in the good'ole USA!  But we make our products in America for kids all

around the World.  Our goal is to assure our products meet our safety and quality standards so we can live up to and surpass your expectations of any BabySmart USA product.


Are there any toxic chemicals in the Cooshee® Material?


Absolutely Not!  We have worked hard over the past few years to create the healthiest and most durable soft foam booster.  Our new SMART COOSHEE® feeding booster seat is PVC-Free (unlike some others) with absolutely 0% BPA (bisphenol A), Phthalates  or Lead making it one of the safest boosters on the market; for both our children and the environment. COOSHEE® booster seats also meet one of the most strict guidelines: California Prop 65 banning all chemicals known to date to be dangerous.

Are there any non-flammable chemicals added in Cooshee® Material?

Again, no! There are no flame-retardant chemicals added to our Cooshee material® to make it non-flammable.  It is naturally non-flammable due to it's integral skin molding process. Even with a direct flame on the material, it will extinguish itself at a slow burn rate. Our Smart COOSHEE® feeding booster seats pass the mandatory CPSIA Public Law110-314, F963 Toy Safety and the ASTM 16 CFR 1500.44 requirements for flammability.



How does the unique shape of the SMART Cooshee® Booster Hybak toddler booster seat function compared to other boosters?

Exclusive only to the BabySmart SMART COOSHEE® Hybak Toddler booster seat has our TIP.Prevent  flared base that "stays-put with the weight of a child" and will not tip over when seated on. NO rounded edges (hmmmm) that need to be strapped in for safety-sake due to easy tipping. BabySmart® has taken extra precaution and tested our TIP.Prevent base with UL -Underwriters Laboratory to assure it's stabilization.  According to the Sideways Stailization test ASTM F963 section; COOSHEE® booster seats have passed 100% to remain stable in all orientations. Please see the safety page under kidSMARTTM tab above for more smart & safe Hybak Toddler Booster Seat features carefully developed.


What makes Cooshee® material more superior to other boosters?

Our NEW! SMART Cooshy-foam material is PVC-free and will not break down over time.  Also, COOSHEE® is not slippery like other hard plastic boosters for toddlers so it's safe.  Kids don't usually slide out of a COOSHEE.  Our proprietary foam is made up of billions of microscopic cells that form a sturdy, dense construction with a kind of rubbery, tactile feel. Once you feel our Cooshee material you will know what we are talking about.  More substantial compared to all our competitors making it the most supportive and sturdiest seat available.  From toddler-to-big-kid, our SMART Cooshee® Hybak booster seat is great for the youngest toddler as a "floor-booster" for interactive play from as early as one year of age or when your child is able to sit up on it's own.



Does the Dot.Pod quilted pattern on the seat have a function?

Yes!  Absolutely.  Our designer Dot.Pod quilted pattern is not only fun to sit on, fashionable to look at, it provides a slip-resistant seat like no other -kids cannot slide off of their COOSHEE® both Hybak and now our new Classic model both have Dot.pods.  And although the Dot.Pods are molded right into the seat, they are slightly beveled so they provide soft-quilting making it ooohh...soooo cooshy!  Every child deserves a COOSHEE® Toddler Booster Seat!

Can you take Cooshee on the go?

Our New SMART COOSHEE® Hybak and Classic deeding booster seats have a built in carry handle at it's base making it easy to handle and since our Cooshee® material is not slippery (like others) getting a good grip helps when​ on the go.  We will admit, our Cooshee® is a lot of seat!  And for this reason, it's worth​ taking it on the go when your little one needs it most; at grandma/pa's, the movies and dining out!  Pure function is what​ you will experience and getting your tot out of the seat will be your newest and biggest problem.

How long will the SMART Cooshee®Booster Hybak & Classic last?


BabySmart® USA stands behind all of our products 100%.  And although our New! SMART Cooshee® has not been on the market too long, we have tested it for the last three years and it looks just as good today in 2014 as it did when it was first created. And our testers​ are now 4, 5 and 6 years of age.  We carefully created our New SMART Cooshee® Todder Booster seats to last, throug the younger sibling years,now with a 5 YR warranty with online registration right here on our website.

When will the other Cooshee® products be available?

We are hard at work to bring you our other SMART products ASAP! For now, please sign up on our “Notify Me” page if you would like to be added to the waiting list to be notified when your product of choice is available for pre-order on our website or at our partner retail establishment locations.

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"every child deserves a Cooshee"

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