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Black Finesse

Black Finesse

Pair Cooshee Classic Onyx Boosters with the Black & White finesse of fine fine dining.

Aqua & White Serenity -

Aqua & White Serenity -

Add a stack of Aqua Mini or Classic Cooshee's for an impressive design touch Aqua - A jewel known for emotional tranquility, positive attitudes and maybe even bringing little ones into alignment with their center.

Colorful Banquette Seating...

Colorful Banquette Seating...

Offer 5 unique Strap-free Cooshee Boosters in 5 unique colors! Multi-color packs will add a punch of kiddie color!

High tech Seating?

High tech Seating?

Yes, sophisticated for us adults...give your little quest a soft & cooshee boost to keep them seated longer...Classic & Hybak models -so smart!

Funky & Functional....

Funky & Functional....

Cooshee Hybak in Onyx with more support and a higher back...awesome!




The Restaurant Booster Seat


MODERN & Technologically ADVANCED Booster Seating

NEW!  Begining in Spring of 2020 our newest COOSHEE's will be

available with safety straps to adhere the Booster to your Dining Chair

as per the new mandatory CPSC/ASTM rules. 

Cooshee's are a unique Molded Integral skin foam with NO seams, NO holes, o breed bacteria & NO hard plastic.  Dishwasher Safe to 180 degrees.  Hybak for the younger set, Classic & Mini for all ages and easily stackable!

Beginning Spring 2020 our COOSHEE's will have a chair attachment!


Perfect for Restaurants, Pubs, Banquets, Cruise, Salons, Theaters, Stadium, etc.  

Modern design, high tech function and comfort for the young-guest able to sit independently; 3.0 years & up.


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Cooshee Classic

Restaurant, pub, chain, Hotel

14.75 x 15 x 6" H

Model 9251

Available in 5pk

Cooshee Hybak

Restaurant, Pub

15 x 15 x 8" H

Model 9252

Available in 5pk

Cooshee Mini

Stadium, Theater

14.75 x 15 x 4" H


Available 5pk

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