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Cooshee®foam.  Soft foam.  Healthy foam. 

Exclusive to BabySmart® COOSHEE®Foam is proudly made in the USA  - of our newly formulated healthy Cooshee® foam, not only is Cooshee® PVC.Free, it has NO phthalates, BPA (bisphenol-A), Lead or Latex and we voluntarily pass the most stringent test that are already mandatory in California known as Cal Prop 65.  

How it's Made:  Made up of billions of microscopic air bubbles that fuse together during the proprietary molding process to form an integral skin that is resilient, waterproof, bacteria-resistant with no holes or seams to harbor sticky germs, crumbs or moisture. 

COOSHEE® Foam is both squishy and cushie providing a soft, yet sturdy construction with a quality that is both substantial and stable. 

Keeping Cooshee Clean:  Simply wipe your Cooshee with a damp cloth or baby wipe...cleans up in a whip!

WARRANTy:  Cooshee booster has consumer value that will last -with a new FIVE YEAR WARRANTY - a smart investment that will be used and re-used for years to come.  

BABYSMART Cooshee Boosters
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