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the b.SMART drinking glass


        Violet PINK  ECO Cup wrapped in grippable silicone​ 

model:  Violet PINK Eco Cup


Weight:  6 OZ.

Violet PINK is the color that relates to the royalty of nature. It stimulates the imagination and visions of Spring!

Violet is the perfect color for the little contemplative artist in your life.


About Kupp´: Inspired by kids and made by a mom, Kupp´ encourages children ages 3+ to learn coordination, responsibility and independence when they get to care for their own colorful reusable glass. The grippy handle and wide base made of BPA/BPS free medical and food grade silicon make Kupp’ a fun and safe training cup that also simplifies your kitchen!

smart thinking - "every child deserves a Cooshee & a KUPP" 



the drinking GLASS

by Kupp





Let Your Kids Pick up Their Kupp´

KidSMART Choice:  We chose the ECO Cup by KUPP as a KidSMART Choice because of it's simplicity in design, soft Silicone wrapping and the introduction of a glass to the growing child.  Just like our Cooshee®, there is a time to introduce BIGKID products to our little ones.  Since Cooshee's are mainly used

at the dining/kitchen table, it's the perfect time to teach them to use their own glass.    


GIVE IT A TRY:  If your little one throws their cup across the room during mealtim, I would put the KUPP aside for a calmer disposition and age appropriate time. 


Keep it on Hand:  When ready, give your little one a Cooshee and a Kupp and watch them learn to behave

like a big kid.



BABYSMART Cooshee Boosters
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