Our BabySmart® -Cooshee® Booster Hybak is the softest, cooshiest Feeding Booster for 3 years and up as well as a "Floor-Seat" for Baby-perfect from age ONE on the floor as a play seat for interactive time with siblings, watching a TV show, reading a book, having a snack and YES, even Time-Out... it's the safest seat in the house during the daytime pre-school times... Watch how Cooshee® Hybak will keep your young little tot engaged & well behaved. Give them the independence they CRAVE!

Onyx Cooshee HyBak

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$45.00Sale Price
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    We believe in independence, especially when it comes to the 'I can do it myself' child!  When your little one is ready to graduate from the baby highchair, they are ready for a 'big--kid' booster...a COOSHEE gives your child the freedom to learn on their own -how to behave like a big kid!

    Every child deserves a COOSHEE!

  • Color: Onyx Black

    • Size:  15" w x 15" d x 8" h
    • Material: No PVC, No Phthalates, No BPA's.  Cal 65 compliant.


    • Feeding:  3 and up
    • Floor: 1 and up


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