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Coming in 2021!


BabySmart®USA has been selling our Cooshee's for over 20 years, and now have the desire to bring to our customers who enjoy the simplicity in design and pure function that our Cooshee's offer, brands that also offer a similiar, purpose with good design.  We will introduce new products during the summer and share with you our favorites.  Some will be Cooshee soft or manufactured with a unique material, and all will provide pure function with good design.  All products will be smart products that will make your life more pleasant during these young chaotic, parenting years.  We use the word 'pleasant' because that is what we as parents need to feel while caring for our children.  Our lives are most important as a happy parent will raise a happy child.  We know that!


Our goal -to provide the few necessary items, we use every day, that we as parents will enjoy using, are aesthetically pleasing while creating a simple, easy to understand and therefore functional, environment for our tots!


Stay tuned for our kidsmart favorites that will be available right here at the BabySmart website!


The BabySmart Team



BABYSMART Cooshee Boosters
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