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happy parents 

"Some days, we need to

create our own sunshine"

If you count the amount of times we find our children sitting at the table,

or at a task, we expect them to accomplish, we are reminded, it is more

often than we realize, or maybe you do.... as parents, providing the tools

to accomplishments -  A simple, comfortable Booster seat can aid in

the most difficult of tasks, adding some sunshine to you

and your child's day."                                                    

The BabySmart Team


"I love this seat"

Mary Margaret  - "I love this seat, but more importantly my 3 year old grandson loves it. The seat doesn't move around on the chair and the child doesn't slide around on the seat. And its easy to clean.  


  "Great Seat"  

Katzung Family - "Great seat and our kids love them for use in our house. Probably not the best if you want

a chair to transport everywhere because it can be a bit bulky, but great for home use."  


 "Big Girl Seat" 

 Marie Ford - "Comfortable  and cushy for a 22 month old who can sit like a big girl right up at the

table with everyone else. Perfect height and comfort.


"Love it"

A Luedke  -  "Just what we were looking for for at our table that his bar height with benches

- pricey but worth it for our situation where nothing else worked!"



"Cleans Easy - Great Transition from High Chair"

Kat May - "This seat does sit lower than our little tikes booster from 1988, but this booster also is age rated for over 3 years old.  Close to 2 years old my son started climbing out of the high chair. We decided to try a booster because my older son who was 4 at the time still was too small to not have a booster.  We initially bought a cheap one from a local department store that everyone has around. Great big yellow smiles and big deals. It had a buckle that quickly trapped food and became disgusting and useless then in all of the cracks and groves I had to invest in a toothbrush just to clean those cracks.

When I saw this on a discount web-site I grabbed it up quick. It does not slip around on any chair we put it on and does not require any buckles to stay in place. Unlike the little tikes booster we have this one is not textured, so it wipes clean very, very easy.  Since we no longer have our high chair when I watch a friend's little boy who is just 12 months old I do have to sit right next to him because he does slide off of the booster, but this has not been a problem until this little guy. He seems to arch his back as you feed him.  Since we started using it at 24 months my son was well into feeding himself at that point and had good posture.


​Tricia Robitaille - Windsor, Canada


This product in a word is stupendous! I got two fuschia Hybaks for my twins who are 2.5. I was immediately impressed with the packaging. Each Hybak came in a very protective and sturdy cardboard box so I know it was safe while shipping which I appreciate. If I buy something I do not want it harmed in the shipping process. Also, each HyBak came in a lovely zippered plastic bag which is great for storage or for transport. My girls just love sitting in their new comfy seats like big girls at the table with the rest of the family! They also love to sit at the table and colour and do other activities for extended periods of time as their new seats are that comfortable! They have even taken them off the chairs and brought them over to the tv area to sit in them on the floor while they watch their favourite programs! I love the HyBak's texture that prevents sliding while they are sitting in them. I also love the fact that there are no nooks or crannies on the HyBak where food particles can get lodged. The cleanup is an absolute breeze! It cleans up in litterally five seconds max! Just wipe with warm soapy water and you are done! Another thing I really love about the HyBak is the fact that there are no straps! No straps are needed to keep it in place on the kitchen chair as the texture of the Hybak just naturally grips the seat. It does not shift on the chair at all. It is as though it were glued in place yet does remove easily when needed. After using highchairs for so long, it is so nice not to have to clean straps and the holes from which they originate as well! The HyBaks smell as clean as the day I got them! Also, at 2.5 years old, my girls appreciate not being strapped in to their seat. They are big girls now and very much dislike being restrained. My girls and I also agree that their Cooshie HyBaks are so pretty! Lovin' the fuschia pink!

Thank-you Diane for such a wonderful product!






Is there anything else you would like to say?  Thank-you sincerely for such a a superior product! I absolutely love it! It was created with an attitude of excellence!!! I researched on the internet extensively before buying booster seats and this one gets an A++ in my book! I could not ask for better. This is the booster I would have designed myself for my children.





Sandra Clark   (Nashville, Tennessee)  

The booster seat is simply flawless!  I overheard some friends talking about the new company website, when I got home 

I checked it out and fell in love.  It is made out of the perfect material, providing just the right comfort and stability.  

This is a must buy.





Karyn Powell  (Cypress, Texas)   

Love it!  We have a long bench seat for our two boys and we have the classic & hybak seats on it.  My youngest fits

perfectly in the Hybak and runs to his spot for meal times.  I really like the taller back for my younest whose 2.  Cooshee

seats are easily cleaned & stay where I place them.  The boys love them?  We had the Cooshee Classic for our older

son and decided the Hybak booster seat would be better for our youngest.  Didn't like anything else the competition

offered.  Love it. 




Katy (Texas)  

"Awesome chair!    I bought 2 of these for my two daughters, ages 2 & 4. It works perfect! I had trouble deciding between this one and another similar cushion. I had trouble finding precise dimensions so I called the manufacturer and they were extremely helpful. I am so glad I purchased this, it makes meal time so much easier and seems to be very comfortable for my girls. I really like that is does not have straps. We previously had one with straps and it was a constant fight with my girls and it always got food down in between the straps. Ew. I do not have that problem at all with this seat. I think I will buy two more of these to have at the grandparents house!




Ofor  (Franksville, Wisconsin)  

​"This is the second Cooshee Booster I have bought.  I now have three grandchildren and

found I was in need of another.  They are wonderful.  They stay in place and are easy to clean.  



Heather Gallant (Wayne, Maine)  

[The Cooshee] looked like a big improvement on the Bumbo my daughter used as an infant.

"I was excited that she would be able to enter and exit it on her own and that it appeared sturdy and safe. My wiggly daughter sat in it for a significant period of time without slouching.  She enjoyed it immensely.  I love how soft it is without being slippery.  




Renee (New Jersey)   

"The Cooshee seat nicely fits in it's storage bag so you can bring it to a friends or relatives house.  The Cooshee

​Hybak is very durable and feels heavier and sturdier than the Cooshee Classic.  The kids have less mobility in the

classic which is better for younger children.  The material feels very soft and comfortable for kids to sit on.  It also is

very sturdy when placed on a chair with it's supportive sides and back.  The people at BabySmart are wonderful to work with and really try to accomodate your needs.  They really take pride in their products.  I have three Cooshee seats now.  My kids love their seats and feel grown up when they sit on their seats at the kitchen table."





Jill & Matt Markiewicz  (USA)  

"We recently received our Cooshee Hybak Booster seat for our 1-1/2 year old son.  It is a perfect height for him to
join us at the dinner table, but since then he has been doing more at the table; sitting for longer periods of time;
painting, coloring, and playing with Play Dough.  He loves it because it is squishy and bright colored.  We love it
because it easily wipes clean and stays on the chair so he can climb up himself.  He is a kid that is always on the 
move but this booster helps him be more independent.  We would definitely recommend this seat."





Peggy  (Chelsea, Al)    

​"Loved it!  Fuschia is Perfect for a little girl, I like the comfort it offers and style.  Although the carry bag is a nice touch I know I won't be using it, similar to when you get a designer handbag with a dust bag I really have no use for it." "BabySmart was GREAT actually spoke with someone in the U.S.A. :)  I called on a Mon.  She didn't think I would be able to receive it for 10 days :( SURPRISE it arrived on Thurs.  This whole experience has far exceeded my expectation."



Emily  (North Reading, 

"I love that it's entirely made in the USA!  The color is great and the carry-bag is a nice addition.  It's a good quality product, that's simple and without all the unnecessary bells and whistles that so many children's products have today."

"This product in a word is stupendous!"

"created with an attitude of excellence"

"simply flawless"

"my youngest.....runs to his spot for mealtimes"

"Awesome chair!"

"They are wonderful."

"She enjoyed it immensely"

"My kids love their seats...."

"this booster helps him be more independent"

"like the comfort .....and style"

"'s made in the USA"

BABYSMART Cooshee Boosters
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